Register for a course

  • From the event list click the course name to view the course details.course list
  • Course details. If this is the course you want to attend click "Add to Cart" button.course detials


  • Notice the confirmation notification and the Cart has "1 item" in it.carttocart
  • Click the cart Icon to view items in the cart and to checkout. Click the "Complete Enrollment and Proceed to Checkout" to complete your enrollment.shoppingcart
  • Notice the enrollment/payment popup message. If you click "ok" you will be registered for the course(s) in your cart and sent to the payment gateway for the event. If you click "cancel" you will not be registered for any course(s) and returned to your cart to contiue shopping.checkout
  • This is the payment portal that you will see for the EDI event. The title will match the event you came from.payment

NOTE: If you do not complete the payment process, a "Pay For Event" button will be display on the event page above day menu buttons to the left of the page.